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Q. Enough with the marketing-speak. What the heck is Mariposta and why should I care?

There are lots of ways you can publish content online — photos, thoughts, inspirations, information about things you make or sell, essays, ebooks, and so on. We know about a lot of them because we're website designers ourselves. In late 2011, we reached a crossroads in our profession. We were deeply unsatisfied with the state of online publishing particularly where the iPad is concerned. It made no sense to us that such a fantastic device with powerful interaction capabilities would be so under-supported or under-utilized when it comes to creating a website and publishing content. So we created Mariposta. And while Mariposta remains focused on providing an awesome experience for tablets, we've also grown into fantastic publishing platform for Mac, PC, and even smartphones like iPhone and Android.

Q. But everyone I know is telling me to use WordPress, or Tumblr, or Squarespace, or Weebly, or [XYZ competitor]. Why should I use Mariposta?

Mariposta organizes content very differently than any of those services. The websites you create in Mariposta are more like online magazines or presentations, in that the format includes a cover, a collection of user-ordered posts/pages, and an about page at the end. It's nothing like the "endless stream of blurbs in a single column" format you've seen on most blogs. So you can lay out content in a very specific way that tells a story beautifully.

Plus, Mariposta supports and actually encourages multiple site narratives as part of your overall profile, as each collection can have its own theme with print-quality graphics templates to chose from. We also think Mariposta is so darn easy to set up, mere mortals can actually use it! WordPress is only easy to use if you don't want to do much of anything interesting with it, then it's all downhill from thereā€¦

Q. How does it work? Do I download Mariposta onto my computer or my web server?

You don't have to download a thing. Mariposta is a hosted, "in the cloud", self-serve platform. Just sign up (all we need is your email address to get started), and you can start selecting themes, picking templates, adding content, and publishing it to the world. It's super-simple.

Q. Can I use my own domain name?

Absolutely. Custom domain support is included in all of our plans, as well as integration with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.

Q. OK, so who's running the show here? Aren't you a bunch of ragtag, fly-by-night computer nerds?

Mariposta has been online since fall 2012 and our platform stability has been rock-solid. Our team is led by a husband and wife who both have background in a variety of business and creative disciplines. We believe our experiences help inform our understanding of how to make powerful creative software that is truly easy to use. Read more about our company here.

Q. Nobody ever got fired by buying from IBM Microsoft WordPress.

Hey, there are all kinds of things that WordPress can do, some of which Mariposta can't do (yet). You need to decide what your goals are with your content and how you present it to your audience. Try Mariposta for free, kick the tires a bit. If it doesn't do what you need, what have you got to lose? Plus we're a little bit crazy over here — if you need a special feature developed for your project, we might just up and do it for you right then and there. (Contact us.)

Q. What about security?

Mariposta is a new-ish service, so it's less likely to be a primary attack vector for spammers or crackers. However, security through obscurity isn't the best policy. We built Mariposta with security in mind using up-to-date code libraries and frameworks, and we use SSL for logins so that your password is less likely to get stolen. We will continue to invest in this area and do occasional security sweeps through our code and systems to ensure the safety of your account.

Q. I'm just not a technical person. What if I sign up and try to work on my website and I get stuck?

We're here for you! We have priority email support available at all times, for Patron accounts, phone-based support during business hours. We try to respond to any issues that come up as quickly as humanly possible.

Q. I don't like any of your themes. What if I want my own theme? What if I want my own branding and visual style for marketing purposes?

Not a problem! We provide custom design services through our own resources or partner design firms. As an example of a Mariposta website with a customized design on the profile and collection pages, see Geoffrey Ellis Flutes or Visionhawk Music.

Q. I haven't heard of you before. How can I trust you will be around a while?

Mariposta co-founder Jared White has been working steadily in the web industry since 1997. While Mariposta is indeed a product that been on the market a short while, we're making a commitment to our customers that we will support them and the product for the long haul. We're not in this to make a quick buck. We want to disrupt the online publishing market and be a force of continual innovation in this space. Become a Mariposta customer and help move the web forward.

Q. I don't know. I still think I should sign up for WordPress instead. Or Weebly. Or...

Sigh.... You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.


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